The shepherd’s boy there was once a young shepherd boy who grazed his shepp at the foot of a mountainst near a dark forest it was rather lonely for him all day. so he thought up a plan by wich he could get a little company and excitements. he rushed down toward the village calling out.”wolf i wolf ” after ward the villagers came out to meet him and some of them stayed with him for a considerable time. this pleased the boy so much that a few days afterward he tried the same trick and the villagers came again to help but shortly aftar, a wolf actually did came up from the forest and began to worry the sheep. the boy cried out “wolf wolf” so much louder than before. but this time the villagers. who had been fooled twice before, thought the boy was again lying to them. consequently no body came to help him so the wolf made a good meal of the boy’s sheep fold and when the boy compalined, the wise man of the village said “a liar will not” 1. what did the boy do to over come his lonelynest? 2. how were the villagers feeling? 3. what is the moral value of the story? 4. the synonym of grazed? 5. the antonym of complained? 6. villagers are the persons came from? 7. what do you mean with ” the seepherd’s boy? 8. what does the word refer him to in after ward the villagers came out to meet him? 9. a liar will not means? 10. complained is something to do if we? thank you

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1. He thought up a plan which he could get a little company and excitements
2. annoyed
3. don’t lie if you want people trust you when you are telling the Truth
4.herd / pasture
5. grateful / be grateful

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