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Iowa Journalist class Fall 2017


Jill Fishbaugh

Associate Editor
Emma Baumgarten

Visionary Coordinator
Dallas Warren

Photography Coordinator
Ben Smith

Social Media Specialist
Casey Lindecrantz

Web Editor
Olivia Sun

Xinyi Zhang

Staff Writers
Zachary Ballmer
Emma Baumgarten
Maddy Brennan
Andrew Donlan
Matthew Dunbar
Allison Hancock
Hyunmin Jung
Casey Lindercrantz
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Dallas Warren
Alexa Wolfe
Jackie Yelenosky

About Us

The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication publishes the Iowa Journalist alumni magazine twice a year as the capstone project for the Iowa Journalist magazine reporting and writing course. A digital edition, as well as an online version that includes additional multimedia material and archives of articles, is also available at www.iowajournalist.org

Mission Statement

With each issue, the Iowa Journalist alumni magazine aims to inform and inspire through articles that move its readers to remain intellectually engaged with the University, the JMC-School, and each other.

Goals and Objectives

The Iowa Journalist’s goals are:

  1. To build pride and loyalty by impressing readers with the quality of the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication, including its programs, faculty, staff, students, and alumni;
  2. To address timely and important issues—both on campus and off—from the perspective of those closest to the topic;
  3. To demonstrate the School’s enduring value to alumni by reflecting its vitality and intellectual life as a hub of great thinkers in the industry; 
  4. To support the JMC-School’s mission by connecting alumni and building relationships;
  5. To persuade readers to become active supporters of the JMC-School’s educational mission by showcasing stellar examples of involvement in a variety of areas;
  6. To thank donors for their support and show them how the school allocates its resources;
  7. To consistently present writing, editing, photography, illustration, and design of the highest quality.

Guiding Philosophy

Through thoughtfully selected words and images, the Iowa Journalist alumni magazine staff strives to make our readers—a diverse group of alumni, faculty, students and friends with a myriad of interests and beliefs—proud to be associated with the University of Iowa.

By adhering to the highest standards of effective writing and design, accuracy, balanced coverage, and ethical behavior, the Iowa Journalist alumni magazine staff aims to add value and interest to readers’ lives by sharing the noteworthy accomplishments and compelling stories of the JMC-School’s alumni, faculty and students who are making an impact on the campus, in the community and around the world.

The magazine should reflect not only the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the JMC-School, but also relevant national or global issues connected to it. The magazine should evoke the School as it was in the past, portray it in all its complexity today, and thoughtfully probe the opportunities and challenges confronting it in the future.

It is our hope that readers will view the Iowa Journalist alumni magazine as a trusted friend—warm, inviting, credible, vibrant, honest, intelligent, accessible, tasteful, funny, and sometimes outspoken. Like any magazine of substance, our publication will present inspired content that challenges, uplifts, and entertains. While that content will not appeal to or resonate with all people at all times, our stories will ensure that readers look forward to the magazine’s arrival and remember it long afterwards.

Submit Class Notes and Death Announcements

Iowa Alumni Magazine offers a class notes section devoted to alumni’s professional news (such as publications, promotions or career moves) as well as a listing of recently deceased alumni and faculty.

To submit a class note or death announcement, email sjmc-iowajournalist@uiowa.edu. Class notes items may be edited for style, length, and clarity.

Suggest an Article

To suggest an article for consideration, please email details to sjmc-iowajournalist@uiowa.edu.

Please note that because of the magazine’s biannual schedule, it may be some time before class notes or obituary listings appear in print.

Submit Changes of Address

Send address changes to UI Alumni Records via www.iowalum.com/update.

Contact Us

For general queries regarding the magazine, please email sjmc-iowajournalist@uiowa.edu.