ask for and give information related to the qualities of people ,animals and things,in order to indetify,to criticizen or to praise them

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Kelas : VII
Pelajaran : Bahasa Indonesia
Kata kunci : tugas halaman 102, halaman 105, halaman 108
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Chapter V : It’s a beautiful Day!

Tugas halaman 102
1. According to the students, the park has some good qualities.

1. This park is shady.

2. The flowers are colorful.

3. There are butterflies there.

4. The butterflies are pretty.

5. There are garbage cans.

6. We can keep this park clean.

2. Siti likes the park because ….

1. The park is shady

2. The flowers are colorful

3. Udin enjoys studying in the park because ….

1. The weather is nice

2. The park is beautiful

3. it’s a beautiful park

Tugas halaman 105
What do they say about the things?
1. Dayu says Lina’s classroom is clean and tidy.
2. Beni says the schoolyard is very large. They can playbadminton and do many other activities there
3. Lina says Siti’s car is very nice.
4. Siti says i
t’s an old car but it’s very fast.
5. Edo says the music is too loud. He can’t study with loud music.
6. Udin says s
orry and he’ll turn down the volume
7. Dayu says it’s dark in here. She’ll open the curtains

Tugas halaman 108
We know from the conversations that …
1. Siti’s house is far from her school but she always comes on time. She is never late because she goes to school at 6.
2. Lina’s room is 
very unique. It has two pink chairs, a red bed, a rectangle table, round table and a blue bookshelf. Lina never realized that her room is very colourful and has many things with different shapes.
3. Beny’s couch is very comfortable and awesome. Edo and Udin like its colour. Beny has very big TV.
4. Siti’s kitchen is small and very nice. There is a cute purple dish rack. E
verything in the kitchen is very well-organized and very neat.

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